What is Hack Golf?

Hack Golf is a pioneering initiative aimed at making golf more fun for everyone. The premise: we need to re-invigorate the golf experience to ensure the game continues to thrive in the 21st century.

Designed as an open innovation and collaborative platform, Hack Golf brings together passionate golfers, interested non-golfers, and industry leaders—indeed, anyone with ideas and approaches to increase the fun factor in golf.

How does Hack Golf Work?
Hack Golf, which launched at the 2014 PGA Show, is wrapping up a very successful first year online, having garnered nearly 1,700 ideas to make golf more fun, submitted from almost 3,000 unique participants. Together these creative and aspirational individuals helped to highlight what sucks the fun out of golf and shared their initial ideas on how to address these. By sharing their early insights, Phase 1 participants shaped the initiative’s future stages and a plan for the future we’re rolling out this month. They were also provided access to plenty of thought-provoking content we provided along the way.

Now that Phase 1 has concluded, two contributors and their ideas from Hack Golf will receive support in effort to make golf more fun. We’ll closely support, foster and monitor the progress of those first two public experiments together. From now until April 6, the Monday of The Masters, those two participants will have assistance from TaylorMade and the Hack Golf community to bring their ideas to life in an exciting, dynamic way to help drive towards our aspiration of making golf more fun for everyone. During the rollout, it’s important to note the portal to contribute new ideas will be closed. Within that term, we’ll work with the participants to expose the Hack Golf community to their respective progress, letting you comment and cheer on their progress, converse with the stakeholders, and generally follow along.

Progress from Year 1 and our plan for the future aside—the mission of Hack Golf remains unchanged. We’re out to challenge and change the rituals, rules and annoyances—large and small—that make the game less fun that it should be. So all aspects of the golf experience are fair game for “hacking.”

Hack Golf isn’t a mere brainstorming exercise. We hope that more of the most promising hacks will receive support from the Hack Golf community and beyond so that they can be prototyped and experimented with in the real world.

The portal for new ideas will re-open in April, after which we’ll conduct another round of idea contributions. We may target new, additional ideas for support in the calendar year 2016.

To learn more about the updated plan, we encourage you to visit our recently updated Our Approach page.

Who’s behind Hack Golf?
TaylorMade and the PGA of America are the founding partners of the Hack Golf platform. TaylorMade has since funded the 15-inch cup initiative, distributing equipment kits for the program to more than 100 courses nationwide in 2014. Most recently, TaylorMade has selected two ideas from Phase 1 on hackgolf.org.

How do I get started?
Although you can still sign up to be a member of the Hack Golf community, it is important to note the portal to contribute new ideas will be closed through April 6, 2015.

Follow the simple steps to register to the Hack Golf website. Participate and be a part of our community.

To fill out your profile and add a photo to your account, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen when you are logged in. Then click on the Edit button to access the forms to fill out your profile, add your social media accounts, and add a profile image.

Help spread the word—encourage your network to join, follow along and participate by sending them to hackgolf.org.