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Welcome to Hack Golf—an open-innovation initiative
aimed at crowdsourcing the future of the game.


In the current phase of Hack Golf, we’re asking you to help us diagnose and establish the definitive list of golf’s frustration factors: what makes the entire, end-to-end golf experience less fun than it should be?

To help guide your feedback, below are 10 categories describing different aspects of the golf experience. Please select one or more of these categories and share with us your frustrations and ideas for addressing these (we'll be developing ideas more fully in subsequent phases).


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By Duane Peterson on October 21, 2014

The long golf learning curve, overall game frustration, time to play & cost! This is perceived as the industry standard by golfer's and non-golfer's alike.

By Golfwerkz on October 18, 2014

The game is losing interest at home..

By Golfwerkz on October 17, 2014

It would appear that the hack golf movement has lost some momentum after a great kickoff at the start of the year.

By Golfwerkz on October 17, 2014

Would love to see the game presented through new visuals. Watching players hit shots down the line is fine, but could the game be presented differently? Also, I don't think the nuances of the courses are best demonstrated through the existing viewing experience.

I love golf but have only played twice in the past year. It kind of boggles my mind but I know why.

Anyway, on my way out I am going to share a shocking discovery that came out of my engineering research on the game of golf. It is currently being reviewed by Golf Channel, ESPN Sport...

By Ron Sisson on October 11, 2014

The most frustrating thing for me is to watch golfers who would like to have consistently solid contact and reasonably accurate ball flight endlessly barking up the wrong tree believing that they have to turn themselves into bio-mechanical "golfing machines" that move through all the right "...

By Jon Kates on October 10, 2014

Ski shops ask same form questions on ability, age, height, weight to determine and set-up equipment. Manufacturers support the system and have models of ski's and bindings for different levels. In biking it is similar. Rarely do you hear someone complain in skiing or golf about their...

By Ron Sisson on October 8, 2014

In "A Tale of Two Paradigms Part II: What are the results of golfers being taught with the current "swing mechanics" paradigm?," we looked at the true story of one Jeff P from Indiana. According to the prevailing paradigm of the modern golf instruction industry, the body moves the club and '...

By Desmond Conneely on October 6, 2014

Help for slow play, Stop pulling the pin. The whole dance of the trying too hard to be polite not step on a line or tending the flag stick like your buddy is really going to sink that 40 ft putt when you could be lining up your own putt... Maybe develop pins that cant be used as "backstop"...

By Ron Sisson on October 5, 2014

"Two men say they're Jesus… One of 'ems gotta be wrong!"
- Mark Knopfler Dire Straits "Industrial Disease"

What's up with golf instruction's endless contradictions? Who's right? Who's wrong? Are they all off base?

"The important thing in the golf swing is getting...