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Welcome to Hack Golf—an open-innovation initiative
aimed at crowdsourcing the future of the game.


In the current phase of Hack Golf, we’re asking you to help us diagnose and establish the definitive list of golf’s frustration factors: what makes the entire, end-to-end golf experience less fun than it should be?

To help guide your feedback, below are 10 categories describing different aspects of the golf experience. Please select one or more of these categories and share with us your frustrations and ideas for addressing these (we'll be developing ideas more fully in subsequent phases).


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By Tanner Brablec on July 31, 2014

Time and lack of fun on the course for those days you just don't wanna take it that serious.

By Tanner Brablec on July 31, 2014

Getting involved in the game can be daunting. Price, elitism, no instant gratification, etc etc etc.

By Thomas Stucky on July 31, 2014

To draw interest in the game you must draw more interest on T.V

By P Greenberg on July 31, 2014

I can't find my golf ball after hitting it - even in the rough as opposed to the woods.

By Brendan Cronin on July 30, 2014

Remove all online reviews of golf courses.

By Terry Roberts on July 30, 2014

local golf courses are built cut amongst the native trees very little effort is done to thin out the trees bordering the fairways asis amateur golfers try to do their best on a course to a great degree the high scores are due to this condition of the course as it relates to the trees I have...

By Daniel Goldbeck on July 28, 2014

Show up at most golf courses and the people there treat you like an intruder. There is often a non-welcoming stare, the subtext of which is, "What are you doing here?"
I have been playing golf for close to 50 years and have always been amazed at how many courses exist when the...

By Rob Stefaniak on July 28, 2014

The mental / emotional anguish and/or embarrassment of having to card a bogey, double bogey or worse on a hole when it doesn't capture how you felt about your performance on that hole.

By bob geismar on July 28, 2014

the business of golf is no different than any other business. You have a product and/or service. You market that product/service to your community and try to make them repeat customers. No different than your local pharmacy or your car wash. Why are some golf courses prospering and others are...