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Welcome to Hack Golf—an open-innovation initiative
aimed at crowdsourcing the future of the game.


In the current phase of Hack Golf, we’re asking you to help us diagnose and establish the definitive list of golf’s frustration factors: what makes the entire, end-to-end golf experience less fun than it should be?

To help guide your feedback, below are 10 categories describing different aspects of the golf experience. Please select one or more of these categories and share with us your frustrations and ideas for addressing these (we'll be developing ideas more fully in subsequent phases).


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I've always been a public course player but when my son joined a private club for a junior membership I was suprised to see that they used an open tee sheet so everyone could see who was playing when. When talking with the members and staff, they said their rounds noticeably increased once they...

Faster rounds are more fun than slow rounds. Many places I play have golf carts that are painfully slow.

By Peter A Wardle on April 23, 2014

Most frustrating by far is the cost of taking clubs on planes. These days I take my shoes, glove and putter. Everything else I rent. (Then I find I like the rental set more than my own!)

By Peter A Wardle on April 23, 2014

The mid-round stopover I don't get. Do we have to sit down, take a break and eat? The food cart with snacks and beverages, that I like. Pre-and post golf: I want a patio or room with a view of the course, casual, quality fare and good beer and wine (not expensive- there's plenty of eminently...

By Peter A Wardle on April 23, 2014

Golf courses and clubs should be viewed like restaurants when it comes to dress code. Some places you can play in jeans and flip flops, Other places, such as one I played recently, will chastise a golfer for not having his shirt tucked into his shorts (off the correct length, of course)....

By Peter A Wardle on April 23, 2014

Etiquette, and common sense, are my number one peeves. Wave people through if you are playing slowly or lost and looking. Think about, and plan, your shot while the other guys is hitting. Repair your ball mark! And use common sense. If you shoot 110 for 18, do you really have to hit EVERY one of...

By Peter A Wardle on April 23, 2014

Most players do NOT understand the three-off-the-tee rule if OB on a hole; don't know when a provisional ball can or should be played. If I am playing a serious game with a fellow golfer of a similar standard, I want to follow the rules to the letter. If I am having a social nine with buddy or...

By Peter A Wardle on April 23, 2014

In the UK where I started playing my golf in 1971 as a teenager, the club had organized, individual, handicap competitions five Saturdays out of six during the playing season. 24 was the maximum handicap and a trophy in some form was the prize- low net and low gross. To me that was a wonderful...

By travis worth on April 23, 2014

There isn't anything frustrating about the golf experience. If you want to grow the game, you need more younger players. Today's grade school or high school student is the future of golf. The game doesn't need 15" holes. It needs 15 year old kids getting introduced through school programs and...

By Peter A Wardle on April 23, 2014

Slow Play: it's the killer. I have the first tee time on a Saturday morning with my buddy- we play nine holes walking in 75 - 90 minutes, 100% by the rules, loser buys breakfast. If I play 18 when travelling or in a charity scramble I simply resign myself to a six hour round if its a public...