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Welcome to Hack Golf—an open-innovation initiative
aimed at crowdsourcing the future of the game.


In the current phase of Hack Golf, we’re asking you to help us diagnose and establish the definitive list of golf’s frustration factors: what makes the entire, end-to-end golf experience less fun than it should be?

To help guide your feedback, below are 10 categories describing different aspects of the golf experience. Please select one or more of these categories and share with us your frustrations and ideas for addressing these (we'll be developing ideas more fully in subsequent phases).


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By David Felker on December 7, 2014

The USGA rules are perfect for the PGA & LPGA Tours but are not meant to apply to recreational golf. The USGA and PGA, by their silence on this topic, would lead you to believe they do apply to recreational golf. For example - when the USGA rules that anchoring a bely putter will not be...

By Nick Herbert on December 1, 2014

Golf courses should try open up the membership and trial various options and work on how best to accommodate other trending sports. Golf has peaked, now operational and service will dictate which courses will be kept or culled.

By Yann Dietrich on November 24, 2014

For most of the non Golfers, Golf is

> too expensive
> takes too much time
> far away from most of the bigger cities
> it´s not always fun
> sometimes embarrassing
> and not really cool for younger people
> has to much rules

By Alex Van Alen on November 18, 2014

It can be frustrating and even stressful for both a parent and child to be on the course when the child is learning to play golf. This may mean that the parent doesn't get out on the course. FlingGolf lets non-golfers join golfers on the course because it uses a golf ball, is played on a golf...

By Matt on November 16, 2014

I'm not a golfer, but I think George Carlin can offer some insight to how it's perceived.

Criticize him if you like, but listen to the crowd.

By Kevin Unterreiner on November 15, 2014

Years of effort and millions have been spent by the USGA and PGA on initiatives to help Grow the Game. While we should all applaud the effort and positive awareness impact programs like the PGA's Golf 2.0, Play Golf America, While We Are Young, Get Golf Ready, Tee It Forward and other "...

By Adam Schreiber on November 13, 2014

Playing with people who you have nothing in common with, including your golf skills...

Two summers ago I headed to a course just outside of NYC as a single. None of my friends could join me, but I was in desperate need to get in 18 holes. When I arrive at the course the guys in the...

By Tom D on November 12, 2014

Some holes are just too long for a lot of amateurs and there aren't enough par-3 courses around anymore.

By Tom D on November 12, 2014

The time and expense - both cost and time to play as well as being able to fit in a round with little time and low cash on hand.

By Tom D on November 11, 2014

It's tough finding the right person to learn golf from, enjoy it, and then grow. If a beginner is always around negative people, or those who get easily angered when playing, then it can seriously kill his or her desire to learn the game and stick with it - that's at ANY age. Resilience and an...