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Welcome to Hack Golf—an open-innovation initiative
aimed at crowdsourcing the future of the game.


In the current phase of Hack Golf, we’re asking you to help us diagnose and establish the definitive list of golf’s frustration factors: what makes the entire, end-to-end golf experience less fun than it should be?

To help guide your feedback, below are 10 categories describing different aspects of the golf experience. Please select one or more of these categories and share with us your frustrations and ideas for addressing these (we'll be developing ideas more fully in subsequent phases).


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By pj on April 18, 2014

How overwhelming golf is for a beginner - and how a simple version of it like pitch&putt is attractive

By pj on April 18, 2014

How overwhelming golf is for a beginner - and how a simple version of it like pitch&putt is attractive

By Kenneth Shabatura on April 17, 2014

Observing this site turning into free advertising for those who only care about money while attempting to make us believe they really care about the game. No jobs = no money = no golf. Lets figure out how to get "made in the USA or Canada" mean exactly that and maybe then there will be dollars...

By GolfBoard on April 16, 2014

The two biggest frustrations for non and active golfers are Pace of Play and the Fun Factor. The combination of a over 4 hour round and sitting in a cart or walking for that time equals a huge waste of ones time and also a huge bore factor too. Golf can be very difficult, combining the...

By CJ on April 15, 2014

Slow play is definitely a fun killer for me, but I think the biggest contributor to slow play is the difficulty of the course. It seems that far too often courses have too many bunkers, water hazards, and OB. Not everyone can hit a 7 iron over a water hazard, can confidently recover from a...

By Jerell Duffin on April 14, 2014

I personally do not have any issues with golf and I love the game. On the other hand I know many that think the game is "dumb" "boring" or "old mans sport". The one thing I see dominating our current generation is Social Media. I have noticed that the golf community has been slacking a little on...

By Paul Brzozowski on April 13, 2014

I am officially a Baby Boomer. I've played golf all my life. 64 years old, I am the father of two sons, both who gave up the game. That saddens me greatly. I personally know many people who have done the exact same thing, and many more who have never even thought of spending the money needed...

By Jeff Kaltenbach, PhD on April 13, 2014

It seems to be hard to really have "fun" on the golf course. Most of what I see on the course, in myself and my playing partners, falls more in the category of expensive suffering. Long periods of confused frustration and moderate success interrupted by brief moments of exceptional performance...