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tournament conditions

By Steve Gordon on June 14, 2014
The most frustrating thing about this part of the golf experience 

Players who don't understand the game. I recently played the course used for the LPGA ShopRite Classic days after the tournament under tournament conditions. They said the grees were a little slower but we couldn't tell. It was humbling as I had played this course many times before. After two holes it was clear this was a different golf course and I understood that my score wasn't likely to be what I am used to carding there. By the completion of the second hole once I got that in my head I had a great time and gained a lot of respect for how hard this game is at the professional level. Bottom line is to have fun and don't set expectations beyond what is reasonable.

I wrote a piece for my blog if anyone is interested.

Hi Steve,
Great post! I too have played courses that hve been used in tournament competition and the average person cannot imagine how different and how much more difficult they play. Most of us are used to playing courses that the rough, well isn't so rough and the greens hold most of our approach shots even with woods and hybrids--some difference. Hack golf has told me alot about avid golfers and how they view the game. Most, honestly have ideas that cannot be realistically implemented but their heart is in the right place. I hope the hack golf people do things tht can really happen across the board and are not fads. 3 hours is great. Without interuption my partner and I are around 2:45. It gives us time to play another round! take care

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Oh, forgot to mention that the course wasn't crowded and as a two some we played in a shade over 3 hours and we weren't really pushing it and we spent time looking for balls in 3 foot high fescue on a couple holes.

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