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Slow play

By RJ Ferguson on June 16, 2014
The most frustrating thing about this part of the golf experience 

As an inexperienced golfer I become frustrated when I feel I am taking too long. I only play with my husband or son who are both avid golfers, so they can coach me along the course. I want to learn how to play better but don't want to hold up other golfers. I do hit the ball but, it may take me twice as many hits to make it to the green. My family went out yesterday, kids are in their mid-20's, but my daughter and I felt we should skip a hole to keep the pace moving and sometimes we did not putt out. My daughter and I would love to go more often but it's that pressure you get of keeping the pace up that keeps us from playing. I understand the frustration of golfers who play better and get stuck behind someone like me! My husband and son have commented on slow play and even though they understand there are new golfers it frustrates them too We still had a great time yesterday but again, my daughter and I only played 9 as we did not feel we were good enough to continue even though the guys really wanted us to. We did not have anyone telling us to hurry up but the next group is always waiting and you see the marshal's checking on you! We have 2 couples that would like to play too but they feel they would be too slow. I also have a couple other friends that would like to go out but we are too intimidated. I wouldn't go at all if my son and husband weren't with me because an inexperienced golfer is not really welcomed at courses, unless you are on the driving range or practicing putting. Mind you, we have all taken some lessons.

My idea for addressing this issue 

If there was one day a month that was set aside for new/beginner golfers and the course allowed more time between groups I would definitely go more often. (pick your slowest day) This way I'd feel I would get a chance to really learn the game. I realize people have learned the game playing the way it is for a long time but for some of us it does take longer! This way, for those of you who know how to play, you would probably avoid that day :) or at least be aware that it is going to be slow play that day, ok, really slow!. I don't want to change the game at all. I'd be willing to pay more that day if the course accommodated this. Even having someone come by on the course now and then giving tips if you don't have an experienced golfer with you. I'd love it.


Hi RJ,
I commend you in a couple of ways--first in your desire to play. second in your understanding that you indeed may hold people up. I think your concept is right on but perhaps going too far. Just simply let people play through when you are holding them up. You could also find the times at your course that are slower. I think you are fine and should not worry too much about holding people up. Let them play through and you are on your way. best to you

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