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slow play

By john moynihan on June 13, 2014
The most frustrating thing about this part of the golf experience 

slow play and getting stuck behind beginner golfers.

My idea for addressing this issue 

arrange starting times according to handicap....better golfers in the am, beginner golfers in the pm.


I agree with the other Bob and Steve: beginners and ladies are not usually the problem. In my experience, slow play is a LEARNED process, mostly thanks to TV golf, where every shot is analyzed to annoying degree. I have played on many courses which have signs posted about timing of play, but very few have ever actually enforced it. If you think about that for a minute, recognize that most golf courses are in business to make money...and they don't do that by alienating people with "Speed it up" harassment. Anyway, slow play can only be overcome by everyone playing Ready Golf, and by judicious enforcement by course Rangers ("Player Assistance" if you will). It will also help if every course adopted local rules on OB and Lost Balls, and also cut back their rough so that ball searches don't take forever. One final thought: one person's "slow play," is another person's "socialization time." For a lot of us older guys, the latter is just as important!

I don't think you can do this. I also don't think it is fair to classify all beginning golfers as slow players in the same mind set that some say about women players. I know some very fine players and they are slow players. One in particular whose handicap is around the same as mine, I specifically request not to be paired with in team matches. He is a nice guy but he will drive you nuts playing with him. It is mostly him, but devices such as range finders just add to the issue. It is player etiquette issue, and like bob, I am going out to play golf this afternoon. You can't dictate to players when they can play based on skill level or gender or anything.

Hi John,
slow play is tough--I happen to play fast and enjoy moving along but some people don't. I play most of my golf at a very fine municipal course and tee times are not arranged at all--they are strickly first come, first served. any restrictions placed on golfers in today's environment where courses are somewhat challenged in getting golfers makes the object of your thought a difficult one to actually happen. By the way, i play in the afternoon and am not a beginner. The golf business needs to get the beginners to learn the game etiquette from the start and that way they might not be as slow as they are--best to you

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