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Re-design the "presentatioin of Golf" and its' Superstars!

By Karl Hellmann on June 16, 2014
The most frustrating thing about this part of the golf experience 

From my perspective, it would have to be first time players who actually believe they can stand at the first tee and hit a Driver!

My idea for addressing this issue 

Televised Golf today reminds me of when Hockey was first televised. They were giving us a televised game but a play by play radio audio.
Then along came NFL Monday nite football with Madden and Meridith and the rest is History.
The worse culprits are Golf Channel, sorry folks but it's boring. The present format is way too frequent and lacking in creativity and much too slow or long.
Televise the majors and wanna be majors and forget the others. Fill -in then gaps with the Golf reality shows someone has suggested. The game is far too interesting and fun to play and deserves a much better TV Coverage.


I have no problem with televised golf every weekend, just keep the announcers from overdoing it and stating the obvious and even creating drama. Glad Johnny Miller is out for now. Need more guys like Feherty and McCord. Like Judy Rankin and Roger Maltbe are'nt too bad. Send Nick back to England.

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