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"Hack to Jack" Golf Reality Show, Skills Challenge & Game Improvement Programs

By Kevin Unterreiner on February 7, 2014
The most frustrating thing about this part of the golf experience 

I've been in the golf biz since 1998 and run over 1,000 golf tournaments and here's what I've learned after observing & talking with tens of thousands of golfers:

1 - Non-golfers are intimidated to try golf because they've heard it's hard, expensive and they don't want to embarrass themselves or "interfere" with good golfers. Not having clubs is a barrier to taking up the game as well.

2 - Many higher handicappers are intimidated to play with better golfers, worried they will embarrass themselves or slow up play.

3 - Most golfers would like to lower their scores but don't do lessons because they feel they are expensive, too time consuming or that they can "learn on their own".

4 - Many golfers love to play in fun, friendly competitive events with and against buddies for prizes but with the emphasis on fun and relaxed rules. Team formats (2-person, 3-person, 4-person) are much more enjoyable for the average (especially beginner) golfer.

5 - Golfers hate slow rounds (anything over 4.5 hours) and it will cause them to quit playing the game.

6 - Golfers love to do fun skills challenges.

7 - Golfers love it when they win stuff and you brag about them on the internet (pics with trophies, fun poses, etc.)

8 - People need to reduce stress in their lives and time on the golf course provides a "break" from that.

9 - People need to add more fun into their lives.

10 - These days people almost need an "excuse" to take time out of their busy lives to play golf. Getting invited to play in a fun event with a friend, family member or business associate is the perfect excuse to tee it up.

11 - You can be bad at golf and still have a great time if you are with friends and it's in a relaxed environment.

12 - A lot of people enjoy watching reality shows these days but there are very few golf reality shows...none that I am aware of that currently feature "average" golfers having fun.

13 - Golfers love to compete against golfers of the same skill level.

14 - There is NO fair handicapping system. If even 1 person has the "best round of their life" (which always happens), it ruins the event for everyone.

15 - Most women do not like to play or compete against men unless it's a fun format (eg. Scramble/ Couples) and environment. Women LOVE playing in events with other women.

16 - Juniors LOVE skills challenges and competing against their friends.

17 - More and more parents are playing (or would love to play) with their kids in events (eg. Father-Son, Family Scrambles, etc).

18 - Big Cup tournaments are popular with beginner & higher handicappers.

My idea for addressing this issue 

I've created and launched "Hack to Jack", a skills challenge and golf reality show that allows average (or beginner) golfers to apply to be on a reality show, do skills challenges, and if selected by the popular vote of their friends & family, advance to a final round where they work with a PGA Teaching Professional, chiropractor and personal trainer to see how much their game & fitness can improve over 12 weeks.

Along the way there will also be fun TEAM competitions (8 vs 8, each taught by 2 pros) to create rivalry between not only players but teaching pros and some fun twists of doing things on the golf course that people have never seen before on the course. Basically having a BLAST on the course with the focus being on fun vs. low scores.

Applicants must get votes to advance to Round 1 and Round 2 so it engages their community via social media. Mini-episodes will be released throughout the 12 week program and are 1-3 minutes long to appeal to people's attention span these days and released online via YouTube and Facebook.

Applicants that do not make cuts will also have access to special "Hack to Jack" 12-week programs designed by the participating Teaching Pros...offered at an affordable special package price just for show applicants.

On January 21, 2014, I launched and and invited LOCAL, AVERAGE golfers to apply to be on the Hack to Jack Golf Reality Show Episode 1 (Minnesota) and here were the first 2 weeks results:

1 – 400+ People applied online to be on the show within one week (and in the middle of winter in Minnesota!).

2 - website received 20,466 views the first 2 weeks.

3 – The Facebook page grew from zero to 734 Likes and 165,176 impressions in the first 2 weeks. One of the posts received 93 comments & reached 9,200 people.

4 – The YouTube Channel had 1,239 views the first 2 weeks (

5 - 7,274 online Votes were submitted for the 92 applicants that submitted a video application with one applicant receiving over 900 votes. View all videos at

6 – The Twitter page is already following 1,063 people and businesses, rapidly gaining followers and seeing high activity levels.

7 – We invited the 400 applicants to a Pre-Show Party and TaylorMade Demo Day on 2/8 and over 300 people showed up! It also attracted local media attention, and have received over 100+ Club Fittings requests from the applicants!

To view screengrabs of all the above stats and activities, visit

Mr. King and TaylorMade, I agree with you 100% on this "Hack Golf" concept and THANK YOU for stepping up to the plate. My observation is that it allows beginners and high handicappers to let down their guard and it makes it OK to not be great when the emphasis is on FUN. As they get better, they'll get more hooked on the game and improve to "Jacks"... then you have a lifer who shares the game with their family and friends.

I would love to have the opportunity to take this concept and duplicate it in every major (and minor) city across America (and the world!)...we've starting testing the concept here in MN and the initial response has been amazing. From running tournaments in 42 cities for Golf Galaxy from 2004-2009, I have relationships with passionate people in those cities who could take this ball and SPRINT with it...I just need help with resources and marketing to make it happen.

Respectfully and enthusiastically,

Kevin Unterreiner
Founder & Chief Golf Officer,
Creator & Producer, Hack to Jack

7/22/14 Update:
- Season 1 of the show just passed 2 MILLION total online views!
- has 2,297 likes and has gotten over 1 million views
- is following 1,764 with 1,464 followers
- has 2,483 followers
- has over 300 videos uploaded and 10,000+ views
- The Season 1 finale Skills Challenge & Team Scramble SOLD OUT with 140 golfers
- Over $25,000 in TaylorMade equipment was sold at ONE demo day (with 300+ attending)

I just read the latest post by Regas Chefas entitled "Hit it in a Hazard. Just Reload -- What's the Big Deal?"

I read the last line of his post first as I was scanning his post: "Golf is a game. Hit it and giggle. Then hit it again. And giggle some more." It instantly made me laugh!

My late wife found a bookmark in a dollar store with the following quote on it:

"A well adjusted person is someone who can play golf... as if it were a game."

Golfers who shouldn't be are taking the game way too seriously. That's about 98 percent of the golfing population. Sure the 2 percent -- the tour pros, club pros and high level amateurs (scoring in the low 80's and lower) -- can take the game seriously if they want to but for the vast majority of golfers, golf should be played as a recreational pastime to have fun whacking a ball with specialized sticks through a pretty mowed park for the fun of the odd shot or putt or two that come off exactly as planned. And for the fun of not taking ourselves too seriously and laughing at our mistakes and enjoying the challenge of developing our golfing skills so that those "shots that bring you back" happen more often.

After a year or two or three, once the golfer's skills are developed enough for keeping score to be even remotely meaningful, sure, take the game more seriously and keep score. Or don't! There are many great things about golf that have nothing to do with score: the social aspect, the exercise, the outdoors, the beauty of the course, the "getting away from it all" for a few hours. Why aren't these the selling points to prospective and lapsed golfers? Instead, there is this perception that golf is or should be all about the score. The vast majority of people who are golfing or are thinking of taking it up are not interested in seeing how low they can get their score and getting on the tour or competing in club competitions. They just like the feeling of well struck shots and a few putts dropping and all of golf's other intangible attractions.

Score should be secondary. The fun and challenge of learning and the camaraderie of learning and supporting each other in that process should be the primary aim of most golfers. Hey, wait a minute! That's the whole idea behind Hack to Jack, this site's most popular idea. No wonder it's so popular! More than twice the likes of the second most liked post and more than 3 times more popular than the big cup idea. Golfers want to have fun developing greater skill. Score and competition, especially if it is taken too seriously, turns most people off. Until the golf industry figures that out, golf will continue to have trouble attracting new players and keeping those on the brink of giving up the game.

Great work Kevin. I think Hack to Jack has the potential to save the recreational game or at least maybe stop the bleeding. Keep up the good work.

Ron Sisson
USGTF Golf Coach/President
Real Swing Golf
bus 587 333 REAL (7325)
cell 403 966 REAL (7325)

If there is a way to bring golfers who are seasoned or new to the game, together inside of a fun learning environment, Hack to Jack is it! This has been exciting from day one! From the meet and greet interviews, skills challenges, meeting new friends and lets not forget the invaluable training, this will be an experience I will never forget. My golf game has improved in ways I never could have imagined. I'm playing smarter and far more accurately after all of the fun and amazing training . If you have the opportunity to try out for Hack to Jack, don't pass it up! You wont be sorry!

Gotta say that being involved in Hack To Jack this year has been one of the most rewarding and fun experiences of my golfing life! It's late July and I've had more fun, met more great people, enjoyed the game more, had more fun, improved my skills and had more fun (sensing a trend here?) than in recent memory. Through lessons with Bryan Skavnak (The King of Golfing Fun -except when he had us run laps. That was not fun ;-)) my handicap went from 11 and change to just under 10, so that makes me an official single digit 'capper! I have a better understanding of the golf swing, more distance off the tee and have a much better attitude about why I play golf.

But the program was more than just golf - with the emphasis on fitness, exercise and diet I feel like I'm in pretty good shape for a 54 year old man, and have easily dropped about 10 pounds or so since the program started.

Golf is a great game you can play for the rest of your life. It doesn't need "fixing," so to speak. What it needs is a program such as Hack To Jack to bring golfers of all ages and skill levels together to have fun, improve and share that enthusiasm with others. That's a recipe for growth in a nutshell!

Thanks Barbs for sharing. Love your enthusiasm and results! Having played with you several times now during the end of the show, I think as an official single digit handicapper you've officially graduated to the "Jack" division! More importantly, though, huge kudos to you for making the show such an enjoyable experience for the other contestants. You were always at the front of the line cheering for and congratulating others on their successes - whether that was breaking 100 or making their first ever birdie. You are a class act and I look forward to playing many more rounds with you over the years. I was hoping when we auditioned and tested the first show that we would find at least a couple of gems - and all of you guys helped us exceed those initial expectations.

Oh, and I agree with you 100%. The game of golf doesn't need fixing - but how we LOOK at the game and WHY we play the game simply does. When you view golf as a fun opportunity to get outside in nature, enjoy the challenge, laugh, try your best and be happy with the outcome, and hang out with great people we've shown that not only your game but your life improves. THAT'S when people really start to LOVE golf and THAT is the real mission of Hack to Jack and THAT is what will attract millions of new people to the game (and maybe even get some that dropped out back).

See you on the tee (and bring the $5 you won off me last week cause I'm going to win it back lol)

I have been a PGA Professional for many many years and have been witness to ebbs and flows of the business of golf. With the current trend in the game, we know we need to adjust our thinking about how to bring new players to the game.

As an instructor with Hack to Jack, I can say that Hack to Jack has tapped into what is becoming a major shift of defining what "golf" or "playing golf" is to the average person and importantly, what existing players and those new to the game are asking the game to be. Younger potential players have many ways to spend their time and money. For them to invest in golf, they are asking that it be:

*They do not need their golf experience to necessarily be defined as 18 holes and a large time commitment.
*Ease of entrance to the game - with no intimidation
*They want to have fun, not be tour stars. An occasional tour like shot is enough to keep them coming back.
*They want to meet people. They like sharing their golf experience on social platforms.
*Most want to get better through instruction.
*They want their instruction to be fun!

I won't get too long winded, but the first episode of Hack to Jack was filled with ALL of the above and the public responded accordingly. They smiled a LOT, they played a bunch, they hung out after the golf, they met new people, they got BETTER, they told their friends. As a former PGA Tour caddy, I witnessed for the first time, PUBLIC golfers enjoying a similar level of bonding, camaraderie and friendly competition that I saw on tour. Super cool!

Lets keep it rolling!

Cant wait for season 2.

Tim...thank you for your kind words and my hope is that other PGA Professionals and the PGA of America will be open to trying this concept. I've been in the golf trenches, too, for 15+ years and I've NEVER seen an initiative that attracted this much media attention, formed an instant community of avid golfers, drove business to courses, manufacturers (we sold out 3 demo days!!), AND actually helped golfers improve their game, health and confidence. It was so cool to see average public golfers experiencing the camaraderie, bonding, friendly competition and media attention that to date has been limited to PGA Tour players. Thank you for helping us prove that golf can be fun again. Can't wait to expand this worldwide!

I was one of the PGA Pros to jump at the chance to participate in Hack to Jack. I was able to hold weekly lessons for the contestants and it's one of the best things that's ever happened to my business and my personal life.

Here's why...

Kevin gave me some easy instructions, "Just make sure they have fun."

The focus was to make golf more enjoyable for each person. And everyone has a different reason why they play. My job was to find that reason and make that the target. I heard:
Not be we tackled that.
Hit it we did that.
Play with my we did that.

Everyone thinks of golf as 9 or 18 holes, keeping track of every shot, and usually getting somewhat frustrated. The whole concept of the program is to show people how much fun they can have with golf and not worry about the outcome.

We focused on shots, skills, games, and friendly competition. We didn't try to remake swings or prep people for the Tour.

And something cool happened...

People smiled more, they laughed more, they met people who were just like them...and they got better.

And now that season 1 is done, I can enthusiastically say that I have new friends, more revenue from contestants continuing on, a network of super cool people, and a chance to make this game fun again.

I am 100% on board with any Hack to Jack program. And I would tell every player and PGA pro to make sure they become a part of this as soon as possible. I've seen first hand how it's growing the game, how it's getting that hard to reach 25-35 year old golfer to play more, and more importantly how it's making people happier. Plus, the exposure helped my new book reach #1 on Amazon. Unbelieveable.

There is nothing like this. And I'm proud to be a part of it.

Bryan...on behalf of the Hack to Jack film & production team AND the contestants, a huge thank you for all your support. The show finalists loved you and your fun, relaxed approach to improving their game and swing empowered them to deepen their love of the game, too. You went above and beyond with your time and effort to helping the group and the cause of trying to grow golf. How karma is it, too, that you are having your best year ever (financially) as a teaching professional in 15+ years - was so glad to hear that. Thank you for teaching us that golf can be a tool for living a happier LIFE. Oh, by the way, reading your "Happy Golf Starts Here" book and you fixing my feet alignment with my driver helped me hit every fairway last week and shoot 69 - the first time I've ever been able to shoot in the 60's and lower my handicap to 0 (been hanging at a 2-4 handicap for 5+ years). You've got a student for life here my friend and my love and passion for the game as increased exponentially (and I didn't think that was possible!).

Being a finalist on the premiere season of Hack To Jack was such a great experience! Not only do I now feel confident in the fundamentals of my game but I'm not at all embarrassed to get out and golf with co-workers, friends, or family. As a result of the show I have ample people to golf with and know that some of them will be lasting friends. I even upgraded all my clubs I'm so excited where my golf game is going. It truly is possible to have fun with golf and still improve through fun skills challenges, lessons and friendly competition. Hack To Jack has gotten me to the point where I look forward to going to the range and working on my skills from putting to chipping and my long game. Hack To Jack would be an amazing experience in cities all across the U.S!!! has been so fun watching you improve and so comfortably participate in the team activities. Oh, and thanks for helping us catch Big Foot :)

I was a finalist on Hack To Jack Season 1 and couldn't be any prouder to say that! It was such a blast helping Kevin launch this idea into reality. We had so much fun at all of the HTJ events, never a boring moment. We tried hitting golf balls off water balloons, (some of us including me were successful!) popping balloons on the range and other crazy trick shots! The reason I wanted to sign up was to recieve the free lessons that were included if you were chosen. I had never had one in my life. I started the season as an 11.6 and got it down to a 9.7. It was a big help from Bryan Skavnak PGA and my new set of Taylormade Jetspeed woods, Speedblade irons, ATV wedges, and Daddy Long Legs putter. I was fitted at the Taylormade Performance Lab in Maple Grove, MN I gained 20 yards in my irons! I love everything about the Taylormade brand. I didn't realize I was going to get so much more out of the program then just lessons. I met amazing people that are crazy about the game like I am. I now have life long golfing friends. I am even traveling with a friend I met through the program to a week long tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC. One of my best memories of the show is when we were at an event at the Minnesota Golf Academy on March 7th. It happened to be my wife's birthday and as supportive as she was she came and Kevin had gotten her a birthday cake, hat and balloon to show his appreciation to her for coming on her birthday. This just shows how the Hack To Jack family is really a family, and one I will never forget!

Daddy Long Legs...I didn't think I would ever meet someone who loved golf more than me...until I met you! Thanks for providing so many highlights and we love having you as part of the HTJ family. This journey is only beginning - you've got golfing buddies for life now!

I have experienced the impact of Hack To Jack first hand. Our year round indoor golf learning center in Minneapolis was the winter home of Hack To Jack. Kevin and his team are not only introducing new people to the game of golf they have created a new golfing community! Everyone who participated in Hack To Jack improved their game and maybe more important everyone is having a great time practicing and playing!! We look forward to hosting Hack To Jack II this winter!! Hack To Jack is the first Initiative that I have ever seen that is actually growing the game and they are doing it at a rate that I did not think was possible. We had a Taylor Demo Day at our facility in February (below zero temp) and Hack to Jack had over 300 people at the event, sales that day topped $25,000. Kevin, if the golf equipment manufacturers and the golf establishment want to sell more equipment and grow the game they should be trying to figure out how to support and grow Hack to Jack!!!

Doug...this whole "experiment" couldn't have happened and blown up without your willingness to host us so THANK YOU for being open to a wild and crazy idea that has definitely moved the needle in this market (we just passed 2 million online views for Season 1!). Everyone loved the Minnesota Golf Academy and what a great model YOU have for year around practice and game improvement. Our contestants couldn't have improved without your facility and instructors. I think, too, that our 104 SCHEDULED fittings for that 1 demo day might be a new world record! Hats off to you and your staff for being amazing hosts and we can't wait to start HTJ 2 back at MGA.

Check out the video we put together for the demo day there at

Being a part of the first season of Hack to Jack was such an amazing experience. The hardest part about improving my game was consistently making time to get out and play or just hit the range before or after work. Hack to Jack not only gave me a reason to start making time, but I also gained the knowledge of HOW to improve my game from the weekly lessons that were offered. I'm now striking the ball more consistently from tee to green, and having that added confidence in my game has definitely led to the game being more fun...not that it wasn't fun before!

As many other contestants have stated, the best part of this program is getting to meet so many new people, and developing those relationships. Golf is supposed to be fun, and the group assembled for this first season was just that. I know that by keeping in touch with everyone I've met, I'll always have playing partners to hit the tee with.

The Hack to Jack concept is really on to something, and I am so glad I'm a part of it!

Drew...was certainly great getting to meet and know you and see the camaraderie built between the participants. You certainly got an A+ on the Fun scorecard. See ya soon - we're giving Season 1 contestants a shot at one of the team spots in Season 2...

Hack To Jack was an awesome experience. I met all kinds a great people who love golf as much as me or possibly more. I'm pretty sure I met some new long time friends. The Pros were great and I'm hitting shots consistently now that I couldn't pull off 12 weeks ago.

Robert...let's stay in touch! Thank YOU for all your participation and support and man is it fun watching you hit the ball. We've never heard a drive launch sound like a jet engine before...

As a semi-finalist on season one of HackToJack I would describe my experience as: exciting, different, Fun, positive, friendly and amazing. I had the opportunity to do the following: make new friends, improve my game with golf lessons, practice at MN Golf Academy, compete in skills challenges, improve my health with chiropractor and personal trainer visits, play on two person team, play in events that included men, women and children and all events were in a relaxed family like environment. We had local media involvement, demo days and a opportunity to donate clubs to help others get started. I also learned how to better use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube. HackToJack has created a Golf Network in which Taylormade would well to support. Where else can one go and have this much excitement? John "Blue" Simpson

Hack to Jack season 1 was an absolute blast. I was able to meet great people who have the same passion and actually take time out of their day and plan golf trips just like me. Hack to Jack was a no-pressure fun way to improve our games and it definitely worked for me. This year I won more local amateur fun tournaments than ever before. Not to mention the game of golf is expensive!! To get lessons and have pga professionals helping us at ranges and allowing us to practice at no charge is not something that can be overlooked. Plus the fun inexpensive golf tournaments are another added bonus. Plus it was great to see the variety of ages and both women and men involved with Hack to Jack was awesome to see. Loved it!!!!!

HACK TO JACK was great!!! I moved to MN from Kentucky several years ago. HTJ was a fun way to meet fellow golfers and friends! HTJ has built a good community of golfers in the Twin Cities. Highly recommended!

Go Wildcats! Oh excuse me, got caught up in your alma mater enthusiasm you brought to the show. Was great meeting you Brad and you made Kentucky proud.

Hack To Jack can revitalize golf.

Being a contestant for Season 1 was one of the coolest things I have ever been a part of in my life. Having just taken up the sport a few years ago, I have gone through many growing pains in trying to learn about the sport of golf and appreciate all it has to offer. Hack To Jack takes all the best aspects of golf (the fun, the camaraderie, the good shots) and focuses on growing those pieces. Hack To Jack wasn't just about becoming a better golfer, which many of us now are, but it was about making golf fun for everyone and showing people that it's more than who can hit the longest, who can putt the best, and who can have the lowest score. I hope that Hack To Jack can grow into what it can be and spread its wings across the country. Sure, 30 inch holes are cute and it's a great idea to give away free beer to bring people back, but if you really want to get people interested in golf and bring back those who left, show them how FUN it is. Show them they can meet others that feel the same way about golf that they do. Show them Hack To Jack.

Thanks for entertaining us G and you are certainly stuck with us calling you to join our foursomes forever're just too dang funny to leave at home. You also have one of my favorite lines of Season 1 auditions: "I'd like to become a scratch golfer... or at least just be the best guy in my foursome so I can win some money." You cracked us up all year...thanks again for all your support and participation.

As a season 1 finalist on Hack To Jack I have to tell you the experience was amazing. I first want to thank Kevin and the entire crew at Twin Cities Golf and Hack to Jack for all their time and effort they put into the program. I am a second year golfer and tried out for Hack to Jack because I really enjoyed getting out on the course but really didn't know what I was doing. My handicap was 43 and I used four clubs no matter what. Now 12 weeks later... I have went from that 43 handicap down to 38. I am hitting on the low 50's instead of the high 60's. I enjoy the game even more now and golf on the Women's League at The Ponds. This past Saturday I played in my first ever tournament and came in third =) Hitting my lowest score ever on a 9 of 51! I can't tell you how cool it was...

The experience was amazing, the people I got to know are amazing. They program itself with fitness, health and wellness, instruction made it complete.

I would love to be on season 2 to be honest with you... I can only get better =)

Thank you again Kevin and Hack To Jack! =)

I don't about the LPGA, but I do know I am going to try my luck in our club championship. =) It was great... Thank you so much

Traci...we were curious how someone in only their 2nd year of golfing would do in 12 weeks and you amazed us all. We'll watch for you on the LPGA Tour here soon :)

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I was a contesant on season one of Hack to Jack. The amount of pure entertainment I had during the season cannot be described in a comment box. Not only did I have more fun playing golf than I ever have, but my family was included in on the program as well. We built relationships with a golf network that we never would have built before. This program gives your high handicappper to your low handicapper the enjoyment the game is supposed to give. I cannot say thank you enough to the Hack To Jack crew for coming up with this golf saving program!!!

Scott (aka "The Scorpion")...thanks for providing some of the highlights (and some of the better bloopers lol) on the show. Let's keep in touch well, forever!! See you on the tee.

As a season one finalists I just have to thank Kevin, Twin Cities Golf, and HackToJack program for increasing the quality of my life. With the fitness program, nutritionists, and personal trainers advice I was able to improve my health and lose weight. I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran who is had problems with my back, neck, and spine. The chiropractic program of HackToJack is something that I really took advantage of. Through the chiropractic care I was able to increase my flexibility, the range of motion in my neck, and help manage some of the daily pain that I have. Hacktojack has set me on the path to good health. Golf is definitely more fun pain-free. This is even lead to more family physical activities like riding bikes and going for walks. None of this was needed to play golf, but with HackToJack I can enjoy it so much more. Oh yeah I met some wonderfully fun, creative, and funny people and I also decreased my handicap by 10 strokes.

Perk...was a pleasure having you on the show and proud to have you as part of the Hack to Jack family. Can't tell you how much we appreciate your service and sacrifices you've made for all of U.S. Keep up the great work and we'll see you soon on the tee!

As a finalist for season one, there are not enough words to describe the programs impact on my relationship with golf. It was the first time I've actually had lessons to improve my game; and as many know, when you golf better you want to golf more. This program has rekindled my love for the course whether I play well or whether I have some struggles. More importantly it has included me in a new community of golfers and friends who just want to go have fun on the course. A group that praises the good shots and understands the bad; but most of all just wants to be out enjoying the course. Never again will I be in need of a cart partner.

Wow. Thanks Kelsey for sharing and I couldn't think of a better way to sum up the goals of the program. See you on the tee!

Wow, I can't believe episode 1 is now in the books. As a semi finalist I can say the whole Hack to Jack experience was wonderful. I met a bunch of wonderful people, made new friends, golfed some new courses and received instruction to improve my game that will last a lifetime. I had to let my single digit handicap go to work on my game but the persistence is starting to pay off. I am starting to hit my wedges better than I ever have and I and chipping and pitching it closer every week. Now I have the rest of the summer to worry about my handicap. Thanks for the great experience and I look forward to seeing everyone on the course!

Thanks Jackie for all your participation and help spreading the word and we look forward to staying in touch with you. Loved all your enthusiasm and participation!

As a finalist on HackToJack season 1 I wanted to share a few comments. I found the HackToJack experience to be beyond my wildest dreams. When I submitted a video as part of my application in February of this year I was excited about the idea but questioned the impact of such a program on my life and/or my golf game; boy was I wrong! The most impressive thing to me, after being chosen as a finalist, was the diversity of contestants and the fact that we found common ground; a true love of the game of golf and, a commitment to improve our game. For me, I was invited to include my 12-year-old son in many of the HackToJack events; this was such a great bonding experience for us both and such a wonderful gesture on Kevin's part; he worked hard to involve my son!

Kevin is one of life's gems: His vision of HackToJack became a reality, which I think, most of us participants underestimated in the early days. I can't thank you enough HackToJack and Kevin; you have changed my life. I began the program with a 15 plus handicap. Today, I'm a 9.4 handicap!

That is so cool you were able to get down to a single digit handicap!! It was a pleasure having you and your sidekick on the show TJ and know that we'll keep in touch going forward - you're officially part of the HTJ family now :)

Once again I can't thank Hack To Jack enough for making golf FUN and the opportunity to be part of the FIRST (many more to come) season! Through this program I've had the opportunity to meet and make many new friends. It was a blast and I am totally excited for the next group. I'd like to thank you Kevin for giving me this opportunity to learn the game and you'd always made sure we're having fun. Thanks for everything HACK TO JACK!

Yer...has been so great getting to know you and the other contestants and seeing how it's helped change lives and golf games. You drilling that 20 foot putt yesterday in the Finale (with the camera right behind the hole) was definitely one of the highlights of the season!! See you soon on the tee! We will DEFINITELY have Season 1 contestants on as guests future seasons.

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Yes, there are many people that talk about a concept and approach to the game of golf. But to meet Kevin and see the people at these events is to truly know when "Reality" meets a great concept. Cheering for each other, having that one shot to brag about, looking at the sky, and simply enjoying the moment. So keep on keeping on....great work on bridging the gap between concept and execution.

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Wow...thanks Matt for the kind comments. We are having an absolute blast with it. Was the highlight of the event this weekend to see your brother sink that 45ft putt on 18!

Liked by Yer Her

Another important part of making the game of golf more fun for the average golfer is the probability of increasing the number of golfers to help all the golf courses and all the golf vendors. It would be very positive for the economy especially the part related to the golfing industry !!

I have loved this idea since I heard about it. Golf is a wonderful sport as long as you can have fun with it. Being a very serious golfer is great for some, but not for the majority. So the Hack The Jack concept is very appealing !!!

I have a friend who's competing in this, and he's having a blast! I hope this gets support because I think it's a fun idea that can help grow the game.

I'm a very recreational golfer and typically only play a handful of times per year but this sounds really fun. If the format is fun and it would offer the opportunity for me to improve my game while spending time with friends having laughs then count me IN.

I got my first set of clubs more than 15 years ago and have always been a little intimidated about playing regular courses - maybe this could help me transition from playing mostly par 3 courses to full sized ones.

I heard about the at home program, it sounds great. Where can I learn more about it and get more info?

I think that the Hack to Jack concept is a fantastic idea. To have the opportunity to share the passion for golf with other people and encourage improvement and confidence with each individual is incredible. To improve as a golfer as with any sport takes time. It takes passion. It takes confidence. Whoever this AL guy is, clearly has a poor attitude and outlook on golf. I think he mentioned that people would be embarrassed because they suck? or maybe he feels that way because that is how he looks at himself. Name one professional athlete that never missed a shot. We will never hit a golf ball pure every single time, not even the best do, however, with practice, a little coaching, mixed with positive attitudes, we will restore confidence in all of us. We can all improve. We can all take something away from this at the end of the day. Whether its a lower handicap, a few more friends, or better physical/mental shape. This guy needs to remember what this program is about. It isn't about embarrassment, It isn't about failure, and it certainly isn't about getting rich or going broke. We are all here because we support this idea and we love golf it is also completely voluntary. See you on the course!

Thanks Jodi for the support...has been great having you as part of Episode 1.

I'm happy to be chosen as one of the semifinalists. Having a blast and making lots of new friends. Can't wait to join this group out on the links.

I love the concept of Hack To Jack! It is about trying to help average golfers improve in an affordable way. It is helping me to improve my game and expand the knowledge of my body (nutritional and muscular). I have also met a bunch of great people, who are average golfers like myself, who are trying to improve their game. Even more importantly, the program is based around having fun! This has been great, and I haven't even been able to get out on the course yet! I am more excited to golf this year than ever before!

Getting ready for another wonderful Hack To Jack evening!!! Tonight it is all about nutrition and taking care of our bodies. Saturday we golf, a little scramble to shake off the winter's rust. Having a blast getting to know the other contestants and can't wait until the teams are revealed Sunday evening!!!

Been rocking the Hack To Jack program for a couple of months now - gotta say this is the most fun I've had in golf in a long, long time. The events we've had, the friends I've made and the work we are preparing to do (now that the snow is sort of going away) has me psyched for a great golf season.

Next we embark on a series of lessons and improvement programs, as well as physical fitness programs, that will last a lifetime!

been to a handful of events! This is so much fun. Great idea, its going to help me and everyone involved with this

I've been to a couple of Hack to Jack events now and they are a blast. Have motivated me to play more and I've met some great people who I will tee it up with this season.

Dean...thanks for coming to the events!!

You people just don't get it!!
Now you want to make money off of golfers misery and reinforce how bad everyone suck,
Lovely! and want to make a spectacle/fool of yourself?
Where have I heard this before TM?MK?HG?
Go to the golf range/course, that is a reality show in itself, accomplished golfers are not laughing,
aALL REMAIN FRUSTRATED and they STILL suck with dial a shot/ high tech $$golf clubs$$! $TWO THOUSAND$ PER BAG?
Golfers are fed up because golf industry/ golf pro, instructors are inconsistent,
have no clue how to fix/ teach golfers/swing!
You want everyone to show up for fun, demonstrate how bad they suck and get sent back
to the source that screwed them up in the first place,
boy are you stupid!
To play good golf everyone needs a PGA Teaching ($65-300, 1/2 hr) Professional?, chiropractor ($65-300) ?
and personal trainer ($65-300 )?", total= $300 per hour, maybe?
what is wrong with this picture?
you just confirmed what is wrong with traditional golf, it IS BROKEN and doesn't WORK!

Fix what is wrong with traditional golf first, anyone that picks up a golf club will start to have FUN!
BIG BREAK, Golf Channel are WAKE UP, reality show's,
Michael Breed has screwed everyone up and has you beat!

Al...thanks for your feedback. I wanted to personally reply because this is the first non-positive/ supportive comment (out of over 100 now) received regarding the show idea and I wanted to make sure you didn't misunderstand the whole purpose/ idea of the show. Your points are spot on about the traditional model of golf - things in golf do need to change for participation, enjoyment and growth...agree 100%.

The idea behind the show is to make golf fun and affordable - for example, we are launching a 12 week program where fans of the show can receive 12 weeks of instruction, chiropractic and fitness training along with 10 rounds of golf for $279...hopefully that is perceived as affordable!

What is also different is that Hack to Jack is a Golf Reality Show for the AVERAGE golfer. None of us average, regular golfers could ever make it onto the Big Break. The show also has an "at-home" component so all golfers in the areas where we do episodes can participate. So we are inclusive...again unlike alot of traditional golf facilities and shows.

Like American Idol and Biggest Loser, the joy of the show and for the contestants is seeing people improve their skill, health and relationships with others. Golf should be viewed more as a vehicle to enjoy life by spending time outside, with friends, doing something you love. Golf is the only sport I know of that can be enjoyed for a lifetime...grandparents, parents, kids, friends, business clients all enjoying time together. That is what I have seen running fun golf events for the past 15 years - and want to help more people enjoy those wonderful experiences.

That's the purpose of the Hack to Jack Golf Reality Show... and hope you will tune in to see how we hope to change the old paradigm. Our initial experimental episode has received over 800,000 views the first 10 weeks and the feedback from participants and fans has been tremendous.

I am personally grateful to golf for providing thousands of hours of enjoyment with friends, business associates and family - and love the challenge every round of trying to improve my game. My hope is that more people can enjoy the game in this regard.

This is an amazing concept. As just a casual golfer this has inspired me to get a new SLDR driver, new golf clothes and shoes. New clubs are next! glad you are enjoying the journey. Has been a blast getting to know you and that was fun as heck to see you hit it 40 yards farther with the SLDR!!

I look forward to watching this concept evolve and telling my grand kids of my experiences in the early days. :)

The Hack to Jack events have been great! You can feel the excitement in the room and everyone truly loves golf. The best part is the events are so relaxed and fun that by the end of it you feel like you have 25 new friends who share a common interest with you. This concept will definitely grow the game in Minnesota and hopefully nationwide!

All the "Hack" events so far have been a blast. I can't wait to see how the end product plays out.

All I can say is this is a great idea! It's like the "Big Break" but for average (or below average) golfers who don't have to be good golfers to qualify!

As a former reality show contestant I know what it takes to make a great television show. This concept is a winner!!!!! Great idea Kevin!

A truly amazing concept by Kevin and the staff at When I saw it, I rushed to the computer to sign up. It shows the passion Minnesota has for golf by the way this has taken off. Keeping golf in the front of our minds all winter long will only help grow the game in the coming golf season. This Hack to Jack contest is really for golfers of all skill levels, with a couple common ideas linking them all; having fun and getting better. It has already been great and will continue to keep getting better!


Just last evening I took part in one of the Hack to Jack Skills Challenges. I brought my family along with me and we had a blast! Great people, fun challenges and good comradery. Keep it up, guys! You're doing great!

I think this is an amazing idea for golfers of all skill sets. Nothing draws people to the game more than improvement and this will be a great way to help show everyone that it is possible. Can't wait!


Golf is meant to be fun.. Hack to Jack is bringing that back. It doesn't matter if you are terrible or scratch, this will let everyone become a better golfer and have fun while doing it. Plus a lot of times you are worried about what other people will think of your "personality" so you act like a robot. Well not on Hack to Jack. It's all about letting loose and letting your inner golfer come alive... Gunga La Gunga Everyone!!!

As an avid golfer who has played for years and works in the game, I am trying to teach my girlfriend how to golf. The most difficult part about teaching her is not the technical aspects of the game, the mechanics of the swing, nor the daunting of playing on a course. Its the thought that there may be someone watching when she duffs, misses, or shanks a ball. Hitting horrible shots is going to happen often due to the learning curve of golf, but the embarrassment should not be anywhere apart of the game.
That is what I love about Hack-to-Jack. Right up front it says, "Hey! Bring your duffs, misses, and shanks to us. We all do that, and we are going to work together to learn how to enjoy golf through the shanks and get better too!" Hack-to-Jack is the FIRST place I would bring my girlfriend to show her how golf is FUN and EASY to learn.

My dad and I attended the MN Golf Show this Sunday and had a great time! We stopped by the Taylormade booth and enjoyed checking out the new technology available. I spent a lot of time at the Twin Cities Golf booth and enjoyed having my picture taken with The Most Interesting Man in the World!! I posted the photo to www.facebook/hacktojack . I love my R9 driver, but the SLDR did allow me hit it longer with less spin at the Hack to Jack Preshow Party / Taylormade fitting.

I look forward to the skills challenge and interview!! I am hoping for the professional help... I could certainly use it!

My son and I spoke to you at the golf show on Saturday and hope to see you at some of the events. Please seriously consider involving Special Olympics Athletes in a future "Hack To Jack" program.
Jim McCarthy

Jim...we will 100% for sure have a special Olympics version. I think that's an incredible idea!


Great idea. I have tried to tell one of the courses I play at to have some fun tournaments, maybe with targets and other fun related ideas. But I think they think it's too much work so if you even take this idea to courses and put it on for them, they would probably be all in. Anyway, great idea and I'd love to be on your show.

Mark...I think you nailed exactly why courses don't do more fun events - they feel like it's too much work - and why they need initiatives like this to give them guidance and the marketing exposure needed to attract enough people to make it worthwhile. I have found that most courses are very open and willing to work with us.

Dear Kevin,
I watched a couple of golf reality shows on the internet, like the different episodes of The Big Break. I also read that You are organizing great events - I feel sorry, for not taking part. I am interested in all new ideas, becaause I have a concept where events are playing a big role and maybe we can fit them and bring them on stage. The Golf Crown tournament,business and event club. I am looking forward to hear from You, Good look with Your concept,

Sorry I missed this one Kevin, but a granddaughter's birthday party has priority. Good luck and I look forward to the next steps. Thanks for all the great events the last three years. At age 60 and counting I look forward to playing in more and more fun events. problemo. Be sure to bring your granddaughter to a Hack to Jack family event this year - will be a great way to introduce her to the game no matter what her age (as long as she can walk she will have a great time!)

This is a great idea! It will definitely help build interest in golf for those who participate as well as those that end up watching the show.

Very well done. As a beginner female golfer, I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the barriers to the game. The reality show concept is really fun.

I love this game! What a way to get better playing the game you love.

Awesome idea. Looking very much forward to getting into the 'swing' of things during the winter months to help improve my golf game!!!!

Golf is one of the greatest sports the average person can play.
Once you get a taste, you want more. Most who play, want to beat who they're playing with or against their previous rounds score. Unfortunately, I think most players hit a plateau in thier game, and the game gets tiresome. We all want to improve in whatever it is they do. Golf, I feel is no different. I love to play golf, and I want to get better. I think your on to something here Kevin! Great idea


Hack to Jack is going to be great! I can't wait to go from being a Hack to a Jack.

Great idea to get more of us into the game. I look forward to the competition !!!

Time to put on the Big Boy pants if you want to be a "Jack" instead of just another Hack!!!!!

Another great idea from Kevin to grow the game, See ya on the links!!!

I'm excited for this, even if I don't make the cut.

I would like to thank Kevin for coming up with this great idea. This is every golfers dream to go from hack to jack. I'm looking forward to the challenge of becoming a better golfer.

I am trying to get my love for the game back! I think this could be the answer. I am tired of the people and attitudes that make golf a long game 5(plus) hours and filled with don't for the hacks like me! I really want to see this program succeed.

I love this idea because it is publicizing how anyone can pick up golf at any age, skill level, or from any background. It will show viewers that becoming a decent golfer is more obtainable than some people might perceive.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the Hack to Jack competition develops into. Good luck!

To the powers that be: You would be hard pressed to find a better guy that Dr. Kevin U. for promoting golf at any level. He is a superb entrepreneur, an exceptional promoter, and on top of all that, a kick ass golfer. Give the boy a chance to show you what he's got and let the results speak for themselves. Kevin will move the needle. I've seen first hand what he's done with, and it is very impressive. Oh, and by the way, I play all Taylor Made products since 2007, and will be buying a new complete set of all Taylor Made (from SLDR to Ghost) this year as well!

Steve you are too kind. Has been great getting to know you, too, over the years and thanks for the 100th time for all your support. See you on the tee soon!

This will be fun for who is on the show and for others to follow.

This is a great idea to help the average golfer improve their game, have more fun and bring some visibility to the great events that Twin Cities Golf already puts on. I'm looking forward to seeing this show come together and the improvements that the participants make. Keep up the great work, Kevin! (P.S. Pick me!)

Cool idea, sounds interesting and I think a lot of people would tune in to watch average golfers getting better!

An improvement program for the majority of golfers. Genius! What better way to improve golf then getting average to below average golfers better at the game. Don't get me wrong if would love to be a scratch golfer, but it's just not the current reality for most people.

I think this is a great new concept that allows golfers to learn and improve their game... Golf is more than just 18 holes and hopefully this will help others see that... Competition drives success

What a fun way to incorporate the importance of fundamentals with the social and competitive aspects of golf!

Hack to Jack is a great, fun way to improve your game and expand your golf network. It's always good to have more golfers in the rolodex when you need a fourth.

Golf is a sport that you can play at any age. Let's show how time together improves relationships...parents, couples, grandparents, kids...of all ages, shapes and sizes. :) Great show idea! Also...please pick John Barba to be on the show. He is perfect! Fun, funny, nice and and hack. xoxo

This is a great idea and one that I could see growing across the country. Almost everybody likes competition and all golfers want to improve, this is the perfect marriage of the two. I have read numerous comments on articles for Golf Channel's "Big Break" that people have a desire for a similar competition for the average amateur. This would provide that opportunity. Beyond the entertainment factor I think this could benefit an entire golf community. It would provide exposure to area PGA teaching professionals and the benefits they can provide to golfers along with exposure to area courses and practice facilities. All good stuff to grow the game!

This is a great way to get not just golfers of all skill ranges to enjoy golf, but also as a way to reach a lot of different age groups to very the range of viewers even more. As a teenage golfer this is definitely something that would appeal to me if I hadn't given golf a try or think it is boring/not fun.

Thanks Josh for your comments and hope this idea does help make golf more appealing to teenagers.

I'm already having fun every time I play but obviously others aren't and so anything to spread the fun is good.

KU - You continue to innovate. For years you have brought "TV" Golf to the masses in fun, creative ways. Best of luck to you my friend.

Thanks Q. Appreciate all your support over the years and look forward to some Father-Son events with you soon!

Thanks Q. Appreciate all your support over the years and look forward to some Father-Son events with you soon!

Fun idea!

I'm a female, non-golfer, but these ideas listed actually make me want to give this a try!

I think the idea behind Hack to Jack is perfect! The everyday golfer in a competition-like format with lessons thrown in. Seems like a mash-up of "Big Break", "The Golf Fix" and "Chasing the Dream". Love it!

Thank you and Hack to Jack! You guys have expanded this game in this frozen community tremendously. Thank you for putting on the pre game party! It was awesome. I wanted to win a driver but.... I got the next best thing! A 2+hr ride in a limo! Awesomeness! One day Kevin i want to b able to fit in a coverall and look good like u! I would look like your average overgrown donut eating painter guy! Keep the ideas coming!

Congrats Yer on winning the limo ride at the Pre-show Party & Taylormade Demo day...was great to meet you! Be sure to post pics on facebook from your upcoming epic night.

Great idea!!!! Looking forward to more events!!!! It's especially good to have this idea here in Minnesota as the winters can get looooooong and this gets excitement building through the cold months...something that Minnesotans need for sure...some golf excitement till the courses can open up for our short 'golf season' (May-October).

I get worse at golf every year, but still continue to play because of you're absolutely right! If only there were a reality golf show that catered to the average hacker like me that might actually help me get better at golf. Now THAT would be a fun, exciting way to enjoy the game even more. Wait...Hack to Jack?! Kevin U. is a genius!!

Awesome idea! I'm glad this is going on. Being a new new golfer this definitely makes it way more fun and interesting. Love everything about this!

I was so excited when I got the first email and information about Hack to Jack happening that I just knew it would go over huge! I thought to myself that I needed to be a part of this great showing of what golf can be for anybody! What an awesome time at the pre-party and I can't wait to come back for some more and to meet even more of the people trying out for this FUN opportunity!

Tony...thanks for your enthusiasm. We're pretty excited about this too. I've been in the golf biz for 16 years and this is by far the most fun that I've ever had. This initiative could really help grow the game and give golf the public buzz and "image modification" that will attract tons of new golfers to the game.

Awesome job today Kevin! You're the man!

The Butcher is ready to roll. Thanks for the event today! The concept is spot on and the people I met all seem eager to help you get this off the ground.

I was asked during my interview if I believe in Bigfoot. I suppose I do. But like an Albatross it is something I haven't seen. But from the intial turnout today I have seen this is something everyone can get behind. Even my girlfriemd came today.... And she doesn't golf.

Thanks to Kevin, the Teaching Professionals and lastly to Taylormade.

i walked into the event today at Minnesota Golf Academy and it looked like a 5 ring circus. The place was buzzing with excitement as people participated in the Taylor Made Demo day and engaged with the Hack to Jack crew. I chatted with my good friend and colleague, Kevin Unterreiner, had a great conversation with one of the pros, Tim, and got schooled on the state-of-the-art golf simulator that is used to assess and train golfers. I am happy to be a part of this exciting new concept.

Thanks for coming Tim!!

If you are trying to get more non-golfers interested in the game, have a way for them to afford their first set of clubs. They'd probably be happy with a used set that is affordable. If the fear is playing with a really good golfer and keeping them back maybe a mentoring/buddy program to see that we are people just like them and probably started off as they are now.

BTW, the Pre-Show Party was awesome. Looking forward to the next event!

I am a little leery about changing, what I feel is the greatest game ever invented , but when it comes down to it, it is a game. Games should be fun so if we can make it more fun, I'm all for it.

What a great day at the Pre-Party! Great turn out, met lots of new people, got to try some TaylorMade clubs! The challenges were great! Had a lot of fun and what a great idea. This is going to be a huge hit!

I had a great time at the party. Met another avid golfer that I hope to play with this summer.
Thanks Kevin.

This is a great idea and the ex wild guys you have chosen to be coaches are awesome. My video may not have been the 900 vote winner, but I'd still love to make the show!



I'm 16 I have never really golfed before but this sounds like a great idea!!

Thanks Affan for your comment and yes, these events will be a blast even for people who have never golfed before...will be a perfect intro to the game because they'll be FUN

I'm 16 and this is a great idea! This would definitely get a younger community more involved in the game.

Great idea. I want to be on this show.

This looks great. I'm always looking to improve my game but never at the expense of fun. Bryan has taught me that. :-)!

Really great idea for not only finding a interesting and competitive way to improve scores, but focus on the most important part of the game of golf... Having fun no matter what. I would love to have a chance at being on this show!

As one of the 4 instructors for Hack to Jack, I can tell you that I am really looking forward to this and I'd LOVE for this to be adopted world wide. I have seen many sides of this great game - from playing on mini tours, caddying/coaching on the PGA Tour, to instructing at private, public and municipal facilities. I believe the Hack to Jack concept to be an exciting new approach that addresses many of the reasons people like play the game, will help eliminate some reasons they may not and injects some much needed energy and fun. Here's to the start of a grand initiative to grow this awesome game!

Can't wait for this to start and to attend the preshow party tomorrow. Really hoping I can represent my fellow Evans Scholars in this competition.

I hope I make it on the show, should be a blast.

This is such a cool idea I signed up right away hopefully I can make it through.

It is things like this that give hacks like me a reason to play. Knowing there are many more out there in the exact same boat as me. I am not alone after all.

The "Hack to Jack" concept is something that the game of golf can really use. I love the game of golf, and think I have a fairly decent game. However I can't tell you how many times I've felt rushed on the course, especially when I'm golfing with a friend who is just learning the game, by other players who are taking things way to seriously. Also, since we only get a few good months of golf in MN, public courses have to pack the tee sheet everyday to stay in business, which just makes the problem even worse. I've had friends give up the game because it's no fun for them to try and learn...

Being able to learn and better your golf skills in a non-judging, no-intimidation environment would do nothing but great things, and I can't wait to see "Hack to Jack" catch on and become something big!

Pick me! I'm a hack.

Sounds great, I think it will be fun!!!! Another great reason to live in the Twin Cities.

I can tell that you put a lot of thought into the hack to jack programs. As someone who applied early on, I have been able to observe that things are coming together nicely. I really think you might be on to something big with this program, and I cannot wait to see how things progress over the coming weeks.

As for your 18 points about golfing: spot on. I have felt and thought all of these things throughout the years, but never really expressed them so concisely like you did above. Great job.

Thanks John...we here at TCG sure appreciate your support.

Awesome idea! Good luck! I can't wait to read and hear more about the development, support, and results.

Sounds fun, count me in!

Kevin is one of the best marketers I know. This idea is a complete hit in MN, everyone I talk too thinks this will be hugely successful. I am happy to see a golf giant like TAylormade give back to amateur golf. My family and I wish Kevin the best of luck and we of course are promoting Hack to Jack as much as we can! 150,000 views in 2 weeks, amazing!!

Thanks Simon for the kind words. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to be able to make a living in the golf biz and support from guys like you here in the Twin Cities makes that all possible. You are a great ambassador for TCG and the game.

A major reason for launching and expanding this Hack to Jack initiative is because many golf businesses are really struggling and losing money so they cut corners and make the experience WORSE for customers. The exact opposite is needed.

I wanted to create something that helped courses and their pros become more successful and this does have the potential to be part of the solution. The main thing I've learned is that golf is an ENTERTAINMENT business and providing fun, exciting opportunities attracts people.

Bring your reality show to Ohio!

Aaron...we do plan on expanding to every major (and most minor) markets with this concept. If you would like us to let you know when we come to your area, shout out to us at!contact/c16fm

I ran Golf Galaxy Tour events in Columbus so already have some great connections for this to explode quickly.

What a fun, creative way to add to the enjoyment of the game! Makes me think of stress-free Haney Project for us "non-celebrities" in a safe zone where you have the ability to let your guard down and enjoy the fun that comes along with the game, instead of focusing on the score card.

Exactly but wait til you meet our teaching pros. They are a hoot. Great teachers but as importantly great guys and just fun to be around.

This is an excellent idea! There are Millions of avid "average" golfers. All of us would love to see an "average" person improve their game, especially in a fun format like the one that Kevin has proposed. This to me is a TRUE reality show concept, not the obviously scripted shows that are currently on the air. I think that Kevin will have to come up with a new description (like "Real Reality" show) for this type of show. I will be watching to see where this goes!

Thanks Eric...I'm hoping to have a Corvette golf cart for contestants hehehe

Interaction is key to getting people in the game!

This is such a great idea to engage more golfers and show that the game doesn't have to just be about low scores and 300 yard drives. Growing the game should always be the intended outcome and this idea has that for its core value. Well done.

PGA is always talking about ways to grow the game. I think this concept is a great way to teach golfers how to play better and safer. Preventing golfer injury (chiropractors and personal trainers) is arguably the most important way to keep golfers golfing late into their years. I don't have any numbers on hand, but I know that is a serious issue. Other than that, this sounds like a fun competition to show the lighter side of golf.

Adam - we agree and felt it was important to include golfers improving their "body mechanics" as well as their swing mechanics and it's a great way to tie into the community.

I did not grow up playing golf but my husband bought me golf clubs as a wedding present. How romantic. Why would I want to be reminded 18 times in 4 hours how bad I am? And let's write it down so we can refer back later. The sport definitely needs an infusion of fun - if there's a way (besides the beer cart) to add some giggles, sign me up!

What a great fun idea. wish I had time to try out for show, but I am looking forward to all the reality to come.

So...the Big Break for amateurs?

Yes! Big Break meets Biggest Loser meets Xgames for the AVERAGE duffer

Great idea - golf is a game and games are supposed to be fun! Part of golf's problem is too many take it and themselves too seriously. This type of program puts the fun back into it, and shows what a good time can look like.

Kevin you are a genius! Hack to Jack is going to rule the world! Just make sure it's not scripted like every other reality show!!

This is a genius idea! It blends a little competition and a ton of fun. Plus it will benefit everyone involved...beginning and experienced golfers, facilities, manufacturers, local businesses. And most of all, it's going to put a big smile on the faces of golfers when they realize that golf can be fun all the time. I 100% support this.

This is a brilliant concept and FUN. In case you couldn't figure it out golf is really hard to master and only a small handful of golfers have done this. Kevin has blended the idea of "Big Break" with hands on PGA instruction to better your game. We all want to be on a reality show and what a better way to have Fun but also improve your skill set on the course. Best of both worlds. Way to go Kevin...I LOVE IT!

Sounds awesome! Kevin's points 1 thru 3 could be remedied if golf courses who are keen on developing the game would open their ranges up to the public at certain times for FREE. Say, 5-6 pm every night or certain days of the week for public to try the game. Put lost and found clubs out for kids and parents to use if they have none. They may take up the game if they like it. Might kill a few stand alone driving ranges but golf clubs need memberships.....public courses need green fees. Just a thought.

Wow, great idea! It is like a Golf XGames idea I just looked at and liked combined with training and fitness. Sort of like "The Biggest Loser TV Show" or "American Idol" but for golf. You even have it tied in with the social media golf growth. Cool stuff.

I have always thought it would be fun for golf education to be put to the test and up for review by the people. A sort of theory evaluation test between pros and people we are serving of what works best. Major "Fun Factor" to your idea. Good for you.

I'm up for anything that makes golf more fun. This really sounds like a great idea. Where can I apply???

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