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The case for two sets of rules

By Joe DeLorenzo on June 3, 2014
The most frustrating thing about this part of the golf experience 

It is illogical to say one set of rules for all levels of golfers is fair. Pros have so many advantages over recreational players, replacing equipment as often as they want, balls not available to the public, caddies who carry their clubs, read their putts, find their balls in the rough, swing coaches, fitness coaches, they get to play every day on the finest courses. Most rec players have none of this, so rec rules should be different. Purists say you should know the rules, yet even the pros always have to ask for rulings in the middle of a round, I guess they don't know the rules either. Let's face it, several rules are downright silly and have nothing to do with the skill of the game. (see more in the option box).

My idea for addressing this issue 

Have one set of rules for tournament play and a separate set of rules for non-tournament play. Pace of play will improve if we do away with stroke and distance penalties, and provisional shots. All penalties are to be one shot, play the ball at the nearest point of relief and move on. When it is your turn to putt, you can only read from behind the ball, unless you are the first to putt, otherwise no walking all over the green when it is your turn, do that while the first player is doing that. Do away with technicalities, if no advantage was gained by a minor rules infraction then show some sportsmanship by ignoring it. Let your score simply be the result of your shotmaking skills.


Hi Joe,
great post--the game played by the pros is not even the same game that we play---it would be the same analogy if we talked about car racing and the rest of us drivng on the roads---its not the same not even supposed to be the same. We could work on refining some of your points and of course add a few but you are certainly on to something that actually could be adopted by the golfing world--take care p.s.--i "liked" your post--bg

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