Having played the game of golf for several years, and talking with numerous fellow golf enthusiasts with differing degrees of capability and success, I have pertained to the conclusion that, to be effective in your efforts, unique of your wanted level of proficiency, needs mastering each of what I think about the 7 essential elements of the general game.

In this short article, we’ll analyze initially, what they are, second, how each can favorably or adversely impact you score.

Initially, the 7 most effective elements of the game of golf are:

  • The psychological game
  • Golf fitness
  • Muscle memory as it associates with:
  • The swing
  • The drive
  • The brief game
  • Putting

The Mental game

If you are now or ever have been a professional athlete, I say that you are currently an action ahead of the non-athlete, in the game of golf. This is not a judgment or an indictment of those of you out there who are non-athletes but wish to play golf, it is merely the reality. What I mean, is this, psychological durability is a non-negotiable quality in any professional athlete’s capability, it should exist to be effective.

We humans are distinctively developed to be able to, (through psychological strength), over-ride our impulses. When our bodies inform us “stop, I’m exhausted”, our minds can take control and inform our body, “you will keep going”, or “you will not stop”. In the golf game, I would say this element, (psychological strength), is crucial!

Golf Fitness

Fitness is important to any sport, no less so in golf. A very high level of fitness, in golf, can be accomplished through a mix of routines. Initially, lightweight training and light cardio exercises. Second, and this is something most golf players do not want to hear, Walk do not ride. If you will do this, golf becomes not only fun activity, but a light and healthy cardio exercise.

Muscle memory

The expression, muscle memory, seems like it might be something produced and practiced in some sort of “lab”! In truth, it is much easier and easy then it sounds. Here is a simple explanation/example. In order to be an effective golf enthusiast your brain (mind) and your body (muscles) need to operate in unison, together as one. They need to carry out the exact same job, the very same, proper, way, consistently, till, your mind can release and your body takes control of.

Your swing, your drive, your brief game and your putting, are all secrets to a low golf rating. The real trick is that each sector of your game need to be refined through psychological strength, physical fitness and continuous repeating, (muscle memory).

It has been stated that Bobby Jones, among America’s biggest golf enthusiasts, never focused on decreasing his rating, but only on the characteristics of each part of his game. See you next time.

Image source: collegeofgolf.keiseruniversity.edu

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