The most frustrating thing about this part of the golf experience
One of my major frustrations with golf is its slow, rigid, inconsistent pace of play. Quite simply, an 18-hole round of golf takes too long in 2014, especially for amateur and less avid players who are seeking fun. Five to six hours is a long time to devote to any single activity and in golf it’s especially long considering how little time is spent on the course actually swinging and advancing the ball.

My idea for addressing this issue
The idea is to implement a new, radically different goal for golfers with the introduction of 15-inch cups. The concept is certainly not brand new but I remain very optimistic and passionate about its potential to help amateurs enjoy the game more, have more fun and ultimately cut down the pace of play for everyone in the golf community. Obvious data suggests a little less than half the strokes a golfer makes during a given round are exhausted on and around the green. Fifteen-inch cups are, for obvious reasons, a solution to make getting the ball in the hole significantly easier for amateur players.

Subsequently, I believe they have incredible potential to make the game more fun. The best part of the idea is that courses that implement 15-inch cups could in all likelihood put two cups on every green – one big cup, one traditional cup – to satisfy players of all skill types and categories.